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An outbreak of cancer and asbestosis among former amosite-exposed subjects in Ledro Valley, Italy. From discovery to environmental cleanup


Here are reviewed the studies conducted on asbestos-amosite pollution and its effects on the health of workers exposed from 1928 to 1973 at the Collotta-Cis factory of Ledro, Italy. The methods adopted to conduct the initial research, involving the population itself and the local administrations are described. The data summarized include: epidemiological studies of mortality carried out in 1977-85 and updated in 2009; results of the investigations carried out throughout the 1980s on the health consequences on workers, their families and residents near the factory; process of environmental cleanup from asbestos of the industrial area, completed in 1989, and the pollution risk assessment in the whole Ledro Valley. Although this was a small community of about 400 workers, these studies show that exposure to asbestos is responsible for the death of 81 people (22 mesotheliomas, 21 asbestosis, 38 malignant tumors of the lung, digestive system, ovary), for 1400 years of life lost, and for about 100 invalidity pensions, as recognized to former workers by INAIL.


Asbestos-amosite, cancer, mesothelioma, environmental cleanup, population involvement

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