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Behavioral responses in people affected by alcohol use disorder and psychiatric comorbidity: correlations with addiction severity


Aim. In this study, we investigated in people suffering from alcohol use disorder (AUD) with or without dual diagnosis (concomitant psychiatric disability) how they feel their dependence condition. We predicted that AUD people with a dual diagnosis could feel potentiated their addiction.

Methods. Alcohol habits and psychiatric conditions of 183 AUD men and 62 AUD women were measured by using the DSM-5, the severity of alcohol dependence questionnaire (SADQ), the alcohol anamnesis and psychiatric examination by the symptom check list 90-R (SCL-90-R).

Results. We have shown that alcohol drinking does not correlate with both psychiatric examination and self-reported psychopathology. SADQ shows that severe alcohol dependence correlates with highest psychiatric symptoms and with the levels of alcohol consumption.

Conclusions. This finding suggests that high SADQ scores may represent a tool to early disclose only patients with dual diagnosis. SADQ may provide information to address pharmacological interventions because revealing aspects of the dark side of addiction potentiated by AUD associated psychopathology.




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